snotty on day 853

just a quick note to let you know i’m still here and sober.

i haven’t been sick since i quit drinking which strengthens me in the thought that i’m looking good after myself and am having a healthy strong body.

it’s winter where i live and although that sounds more harsh than it is in my part – the bug finally got me.

other than that. life is good in general, i guess it is not super exciting but i’m content most of the time.

i wished i had on off button though. haha, i know i don’t have one! hence  why i’m one of the gang.

the off button would come in handy when those negative self destructive thoughts are around and i can seem to stop them.

today i had a light bulb moment … it’s just about what one does with those thoughts isn’t it? i can keep dwelling on them or move on.

up and onwards! (and let me remember)


4 thoughts on “snotty on day 853

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the bug. 🙂
    And yes, those self-destructive thoughts. Seems to go with having an addictive personality. Not sure how to deal yet but I guess being aware as you are that is very good. 🙂 I have set my eggtimer again to see what I think every 10 minutes. Just to check if I have not gone off into some dark hole. 🙂
    Go kill some bugs! (free after Starship Troopers)
    xx, Feeling


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