for me the hardest part [720]


of this in every single way better-calmer-more stable-relaxed and active sober way of living is dealing with negative thoughts and feelings.

i realise i have come a long way – nearly 2 years (!) sober – and finally decided that i needed some guidance and help in two area’s in my life.

  1. how to deal with non pleasant feelings?
    (my whole life i have tried to avoid them, in chronological order: smoking, smoking the green stuff, not eating, over eating, drinking and there must be some other ways i used along the way)
  2. how to be in a healthy relationship with a healthy guy?
    (instead of the usual “i am partly available and you have to work hard to keep me – sort of guy”)

and i’m happy with that, happy that i am finally finding out why i was so stuck in drinking and that i am working out/learning how to do things different.

wish you all the same xx