end of the year post [677]

sobriety is not the destination. it’s a tool to get you on the road to happiness.


i stole it from read the sentence on sober sassy’s blog and YES said my brain, that’s a good way of describing what i am doing. because indeed, this year i have been struggling, it has not all been moonshine and roses but all in all i am pretty pleased with the progress and changes in my life.

december is the month of lists so here goes – my year in a list and things i am happy with/proud of/discovered/made progress with. i would have loved to come up with 365 things but i will not bore you 🙂

  1. i cleaned my face and brushed my teeth before going to bed 364 times
  2. i had 365 non-hangover sleeps
  3. my concentration at work has improved
  4. my behavior at work is friendlier
  5. i looked for and found a therapist
  6. i am a happy regular runner (whilst i hated that with a passion)
  7. i (minimised) stopped gossiping
  8. i treated myself to three weekly massages
  9. i started playing tennis
  10. i am part of a weekly tennis team that plays in a competition
  11. i rediscovered the joy of yoga
  12. i am learning to be more honest
  13. i am learning to connect head and body
  14. i rediscovered the joy of reading books
  15. i like tea
  16. i made decisions and stood by them
  17. i am more accepting of myself
  18. i made plans
  19. i made plans and executed them
  20. i discovered i like plants
  21. and cooking
  22. my moods are getting lighter and more even
  23. i love my “stay here”bracelet
  24. i had 52 non-hangover saturdays and sundays
  25. i like to care for myself and do not find that selfish
  26. i start to like my body
  27. i am a tough cookie with a strong down talking inner voice
  28. i love wearing colorful feminine clothes
  29. i still like buying shoes
  30. 90% cocoa chocolate is the bomb
  31. i am starting to accept that life is not about quick fixes nor always-ever-lasting-happiness
  32. and being bored sometimes is okay
  33. it turned out i do have a sweet tooth

i have a little voice in my head that softly sings that next year is even going to get better. and you know what: i am trusting that voice. 2017 is going to be my year to shine.

and for you out there – i wish you exactly that, that 2017 may be your year – to shine and discover your good self!



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