surviving xmas [672]

i’m not a big xmas person – think it’s an overrated hysterical event although i do like the days off work that go with it πŸ˜‰

for years and years i have celebrated xmas with friends, as the family dynamics were not that flash and the diner would end up with heated discussions, quarrels, tears, shame and too much booze of course.

my xmas’s with friends were also with too much booze and other stupid things, but at least no fights.

anyhow. it was my second sober xmas day yesterday and i went over to friends, armed with a salad and apple cake. they had invited a lot of people so there was a nice mix of kids, aquintances and family. celebrating a kiwi xmas is different than what i’m used to, it’s outside, its way more relaxed and unofficial tho boozing is the same.

i made it through it all with an alcohol free beer equivalent, a couple of real nice talks and a bit of kid time. at 8 pm (it started around 3.30) i felt it was enough and coincidentally just then the whiskey bottle came out of the cupboard.

i felt a bit weird when leaving, the party pooper, the not fun person, the boring one. a couple of hours later pics emerged of the same event on FB, all about boozing after i left.

i still feel a bit weird.

9 thoughts on “surviving xmas [672]

  1. Hmmm, yeah, I recognise that weird feeling. Not so much with Christmas, but with parties indeed. Concerning the being boring I always think: do they themselves actually know how boring they get after 3-4 glasses? This repetetive talk, the narrommindedness which gets bigger and bigger the later the evening. And then, if they really hit the bottle, they will have forgotten most of it the day after anyway. So, yeah, hmm, on the boring; I don’t think so. Most people who drink a lot do so because they want to flush something out. For me that approach did not work. I’m thinking it does not for other people either. And if they post pictures where the boozing is the most important part of the being together, I seriously doubt if you missed something. πŸ™‚
    I’ve lived in NZ for several months in my teens by the way. I was flabbergasted by a summer xmas. πŸ™‚ Do you have Monday off too?
    xx, Feeling


  2. There’s not much good that happens once that hard boozing starts. The pictures only show the smiles, not the gossiping, regrets and hangovers.

    It is weird…but much more normal. Society has just gotten confused.

    Merry Christmas!

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  3. I don’t think you missed much. I sat through the boozy Christmas night event and it was quite pathetic. People with droopy eyes and slurred speech trying to have decent conversations. I wanted to be the party pooper and go home early, have a cup of tea and watch some television but I stayed to be sociable.
    Are you from New Zealand?

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    • hmz. yes. that choice between being sociable (them) or being kind to yourself. i think i did the latter – maybe it’s a matter of getting used to doing that (instead of feeling weird). and no and yes πŸ˜‰ i do live in new zealand but have an european nationality.


  4. I wanted to say the same thing as Anne. Would you have been happy to be in photos or would you have been embarrassed? I always run it through to the end – if I drink, I get drunk and make a fool of myself. I would have been an idiot.
    I still feel like a party pooper being sober at parties, I still feel as though I miss out sometimes… my adult brain knows I doing the right thing but I sometimes miss the escape, the chaos, the not n owing where the night will lead….

    Not waking up with random bruises and a thumping head is worth it though… xxx hugs


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