thankful on day [419]

hi there, long time no see, just hopping by to let you know that i am good and that living a sober life IS good.

i felt the need to share a story:
went out with friends on friday night to see a band and may be have a boogie. this didn’t happen for a long time.
i had a great night. lovely catchups with my friends, a great band, a big boogie on my behalf (obviously i have became so relaxed that i don’t need booze to be able to dance).

then another friend of mine walked in. her state was beyond drunk. she was mumbling incoherent irrelevant sentences, had lost her bag and i wonder if she even realised where and with whom she was.

i felt so sorry for her. this was me over a year ago. hardly able to talk. no sense. complete out of control.

i decided to leave her a bit by herself but kept an eye out. tried to find her bag which we found in the end and drove her home when the music was over. on the way i had to stop to get her some fastfood and in the car she sort of chatted and had a laugh with my other friends.

today i briefly met up with her as i had found her purse under my passenger seat. she had no clue i had given her a lift home. had lost her memory for a big chunk of the evening. nada. blacked out.

i feel so sorry for her. what a waste of a weekend. of energy. the panic. the sorrow. the hatred. i must not forget BECAUSE this was me over a year go.

and i wish she gets out of course. it’s a horrible depressing life.