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just a quick one – and mainly because i have a burning question.

suppose you are happily sober for over a year. suppose you go out for dinner with two of your best friends who support you in this matter. suppose you are the advocate for happy-non-drinking, so you order a lovely bottle of sparkling water. suppose you are thankful for every day you wake up fresh headed. suppose you are really proud of yourself doing this. suppose you are now a person who goes out for a run after work, or who picked up tennis, who was brave enough to engage in estranged family relations again. suppose you have lost quite a few kg’s and look very very healthy again. suppose you are amazed with all the things you have achieved over the last year.

do you have this picture in your mind?

then here’s my question:
why am i grumpy for not being able to drink?
i should be overly grateful.
not grumpy at all.