a lousy blogger [362]

that’s what i am but i’m glad that i’m a great non-drinker 😉

i had the pleasure of having a three week holiday which i spent with one of my best and oldest friends (and because we are living in different countries we only meet up about every three years). we were together for 24/7 and laughed, talked, shopped, tramped, cried, swam, cooked and enjoyed each other’s company.

reaching nearly 365 days sober and her being one of my biggest fans, her observations were very welcome. according to her i have changed tremendously: being way more relaxed, highly energetic, less impulsive, very resourceful.

i think i’ll take them all 😉

note: and yes, there were a couple of difficult moments alcohol wise. those other trampers that bought and shared three bottles of wine after a long days walk. my friend who had a wine when dining out which lasted her an hour (an hour (!), just drink it fcs!). some four o’clocks after a intense day of doing stuff. being together 24/7 is also tiring. think i fixed those by removing myself a bit, no talking, explaining, exploring, thinking. just nothing.


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