things I have recently said [279]

I am in this period of my life where I have the need to fix things

(when searching for a solution for the missing chain of the plug of the kitchen basin)

not drinking is becoming the new normal

(when asked if I still did not touch the booze and how that was going)

I love running, especially after work

(after telling myself for years I hated running)

during the weekends I enjoy being with myself and I need some downtime from being around people

(when discussing life with a friend)


2 thoughts on “things I have recently said [279]

  1. Beautiful post. It’s funny you should mention fixing things and trying new stuff. I play music, and one of my keyboards has been acting like it had a short somewhere inside it. I cracked it open, found a solution to the problem after consulting the Internet, and removed two little wires to controls I didn’t use. Bam, fixed. I’ve had this problem for YEARS with the keyboard, and I fixed it in under twenty minutes. I never would have done this while still drinking. I would have thought about it and then said, “I’m too inept to figure it out” and then thrown a pity party for myself because I lacked the money to buy a new keyboard.


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