things I have recently said [279]

I am in this period of my life where I have the need to fix things

(when searching for a solution for the missing chain of the plug of the kitchen basin)

not drinking is becoming the new normal

(when asked if I still did not touch the booze and how that was going)

I love running, especially after work

(after telling myself for years I hated running)

during the weekends I enjoy being with myself and I need some downtime from being around people

(when discussing life with a friend)

serious question [263]

as an ex-boozer…what would you do if you heard you had only 2 years to live?

(this is not about me but about somebody I know. the lady has a serious alcohol problem.
liver failure.

I seriously questioned myself last couple of days.
would I pick up the drink knowing that I was going to die soon or would I choose to live my life to the fullest for as long as possible?

I think I would choose the latter. what would you do?

hugs. wishing you well.

252 – ha! [252]

can you believe it? can i believe it?

i still have no clue why stopping with drinking worked for me this time.
(in my head) i have tried so many times but this time my journey has been different from the start.

two hundred fifty two days
more than eight months
almost three quarters of a year

last week i traveled for work to one of our big cities.
on the last evening i decided to dine in a fancy-fancy restaurant, on my own.
they would serve me different wine with each course on their digestion menu.
i said: no thanks, i don’t drink wine.

and i felt like a goddess, lioness, giant.
no regrets to be seen or felt but pure happiness.

[update. of course i do have a clue 😉 am working on the long list of reasons]