note to self [211]

this is not to promote this particular (or any) health insurance company – I just like the message at the end.

and remember. the most precious thing you will ever possess is your health.

look after it.

(woke up at 5.30 am. things at work got me badly yesterday, couldn’t sleep last night. I need to say something about it today as it has raised my stress levels. and made me very grumpy. my health is important to me.)


the beauty of a sunny Sunday after a late night dancing [209]

yes people, it is very well possible to go out on a Saturday night drinking cola light.

as a matter of fact, its very possible to attend a 40th birthday party drink in a pub first and then drive to another party with a dance floor, a dj and your drinking friends. it is great to be able to have real conversations and dance until your feet hurt. to be able to walk out and drive home. to wake up fresh in the morning and have a coffee in the sun and remember every single word. to look back and see yourself enjoy dancing.
and all of this without one single drop.

(am full of energy and cleared a grassy patch into a possible veggie garden. prepared seedlings. cut back vine plants. enjoyed the sun. had coffee. still have ages in the day.)

think my point of this jabber is that I wanted to shout out loud: