i couldn’t quite get what is bothering me.
haven’t been feeling great last week(s) after the initial i-am-so-pleased-with-myself-because-i-am-not-drinking phase.

am doing all the normal stuff, going to work during the day, do my regular things at night – choir Monday, soccer Wednesday, movies Thursday etc. went for walks over the weekends, played regular games on Saturday, started with some yoga before going to sleep, met up with a couple of friends here and there and so on.

but i feel flat and tired although i have the best sleeps ever.
am tired of my head and the constant, constant! thinking. and over thinking.

i guess i miss my friend.
i feel alone and lonely.

i know i shouldn’t call booze my friend but that’s how it feels at the moment.

(having said that i’ll finish my tea and go to bed and maybe cry a little)


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