anger management without drinking?

so I am angry, very angry.
would love to cry – that’s how angry I am.
I think that crying is stupid though, this situation doesn’t deserve tears just anger.
so then I am angry again and got a headache because of it and have this knot in my stomach all day.

my normal strategy would be disappear in enough wine to not remember anything of this shitty evening, shitty day, shitty guy who disappointed me so much and makes me feel so angry.
i would love to disappear because I don’t want to feel to those feelings.

again. this is my Achilles heel.

is there somebody out there who recognises this, has some advice?



2 thoughts on “anger management without drinking?

  1. Yes!! There have been a few situations where I’ve felt my rage flare up and my brain has screamed ‘wine!!!’. But just as quickly, I’ve put my hands out to steady myself, breathed through the hot anger and felt it dissipate. Many moons ago, the therapist I was seeing told me that no one can make you feel a particular way; rather you choose to embrace that emotion. I still don’t 100% agree with her but I find that working through why I’m feeling that way and looking to see if the person intended me to feel that way helpful. I’m not sure if this helps at all but the fact you haven’t picked up a drink to numb and block the pain and instead are keeping the feelings real is pretty ace 🙂


    • thanks for that findingmyfreedom. it’s clearly something I have to start working on and not picking up a drink is certainly the first step 🙂 guess I have done that always so time to face those sort of feelings. last night I went to a movie which at least distracted me, today I am way calmer after giving stuff more thought (I do see that therapists point).
      thanks again xx


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