pissed off

Just got off the phone with a sort-of-ex-boyfriend and being very annoyed.

Will spare you all the details how he became a sort-of-ex-boyfriend but who the f*** is he telling me how hard my life has been the last couple of years (moving to a different continent, married to and divorced from a conman, death of my dad, getting involved with him who wasn’t really looking for a relationship anyway) and why I am so hard on myself making the decision not to drink for a while.

WHILST he had obviously drunk his fair share of booze today.

Telling me how nice it is to have a drink after work or this or that just to take the edge of…telling me it is better to have a drink after all the shit I have been through because I don’t deserve all that shit.
Isn’t that funny…

After thinking about it for a while I think he’s totally right, the last six years have been quite demanding and stressful and painful. And yes I think the time has come to finally see things how they were and not hiding those feelings by drinking 1 to 2 bottles a night.

Stupid me still hoped something could grow between us after he suddenly knocked on my door again after a two month silence. Secretly hoping and leaving the door open a little bit, just a little.

Tonight it looks like he helped me closing the door for good.


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