I am tired of it

Resumé of the amount of empty bottles of wine this week (and hé – the week hasn’t ended yet) – 9 bottles.
According to the labels the bottles contain between 7-8 standards standard drinks.
Taking the 8 – which is fair, as I had a few drinks outside my safe home – will bring the total at present to 9 * 8 = 72, which is way more than the 14 units they advise is healthy for women.

Have read quite a few books in the last couple of weeks about this subject and started a 4th today

  1. Drink : the intimate relationship between women and alcohol (Susan Nolan-Hoeksema)
  2. The sober revolution (Sarah Turner)
  3. Cleaning up : how I gave up drinking and lived (Tania Glyde)
  4. Mrs D is Going Without (Lotta Dann)

So much to recognise, especially the guilt, the guilt, the guilt and angst.

When will I make the decision as I’m starting to realise I am one of those who can’t control the drinking?

It’s never enough


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